Dr. Kimberly Rowe, LCPC, EAS-C

Life has hurdles and sometimes we need a little boost to get over them.

Child and Adolescent Services

In addition to managing symptoms related to childhood and adolescent psychological diagnoses,

 the following services are also provided.

Common Child and Adolescent Difficulties
ADD/ADHD                                   Anger Management                      Anxiety                                    Asperger's Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorder           Behavior Management                 Bullying                                   Depression
Grief                                              Self-control                                   Self-esteem                            Self-image
Self-injury                                      Social skills                                  Stress                                     Trauma related disorders
Conduct disorders                        Coping skills                                 Sensory stimulation needs     Attention/focus
Impulse control                             Communication                            Emotion expression                Emotion regulation                                  


Children communicate and learn through the language of toys and play. Helping children to effectively communicate through language instead of behaviors is an important step in self-management.

Attention and focus

Many children struggle with attention and focus, which can contribute to difficulties with self-regulation and behavior management. Helping children to understand their sensory needs and their sensory distractions can help them to better self-manage distractions and increase their attention and focus.


Through Play with a Purpose, children can discover their strengths and learn how to draw upon them for self-regulation and behavior management. Children are never too young to learn the connection between thinking, feeling, and doing.